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Syed Muneeb Ali

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Who is Muneeb?

Syed Muneeb Ali (Urdu: سید منیب علی) is a Pakistani award-winning Science writer, science journalist and an amateur astronomer. He is a feature writer at Dawn News and Express News (Pakistan). He is also co-founder and general secretary of Astrobiology Network of Pakistan.

He wrote his first Urdu book Kainaat - Aik Raaz on astronomy in 2018 (which was published in December 2019) which won National Science Award 2019 (Second Prize) by Urdu Science Board, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting (Pakistan).


Kainaat - Aik Raaz

Kainaat - Aik Raaz is written by Syed Muneeb Ali which includes the basics of Astronomy and is suitable for all the beginners who have an interest in Astronomy.



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